Mount Hood マウントフッド 1W-W  P. van Deursen before 1938

ホーム フォーラム 品種データベース 1部門 ラッパ Mount Hood マウントフッド 1W-W  P. van Deursen before 1938

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    日本水仙協会 のプロフィール写真


    Classification:1 W-W[ Trumpet Long-Cupped ]
    Height:Standard – 32.5 to 67.5 cm (12.8 to 26.6 in)
    Hybridizer:P. van Deursen, the Netherlands
    Registered:Yes, before 1938
    Awards: AGM 1995; *FCC(p) 1977; *AM(p) 1975; *FCC(g) 1955; *AM(g) 1951; PC 1946; AM Haarlem 1937;
    Special Classes:ADS Historics
    Seed Parent:Mrs. Ernst H. Krelage
    Pollen Parent:Roxane
    Chromosomes:28 or 29

    Fl. 102 mm wide, creamy white; perianth segments broadly ovate, blunt, only very slightly mucronate, inflexed, with margins incurling at apex, overlapping 1/3 to 1/2; inner segments more narrowly ovate, more nearly acute, angled at shoulder, reflexed towards apex, with margins wavy; corona cylindrical, smooth, opening light greenish yellow, mouth ribbed and expanded, with rim flanged and regularly notched and crenate.

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